1. No way, that’s the Catit thing I nearly bought Virgil last week! He doesn’t seem to play with any toys whatsoever though so I wasn’t sure whether to. How’s Mia find it, does she play at all?

    The lion is incredible. I love the dotty style and the red on black makes it all the more powerful. Rooooaaar! xx

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    1. Mia played with it once or twice, what we do with it now is put cat treats in it and she fishes them out with her paw. Her favourite toy of all time is a tied up quavers bag she love to catch it and bat it around the room!

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        1. Your not wrong there, nearly every toy I’ve bought for Mia ended up going to Louise for her young cat. Mia love her laser pen, every night at nine o’clock we start a show, sometimes she chases it or if she’s feeling lazy she just watches it. She has us right where she wants us 🙄

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