I had to have a video consultation with the vet yesterday regarding Mia who has obviously got either a urine infection or a kidney stone and it was agreed that I was to go to the surgery to pick up some antibiotics and some anti inflammatory meds for her.

When I got to the vets the car park was almost full and everyone was stood near their cars waiting for attention. I had to ring them which took a good five minutes for them to answer to let them know that I was outside and they said they would bring them out to me shortly.

I was stood watching the vets come out and take various animals inside then come back and talk to the owners. It was a bit surreal. Finally Mia’s meds came out and I took them home keen to get some meds inside her.

This morning she had John up at 5am and rather than give her tuna because it had been in the fridge and it was cold he put her meds in a bit of cat food and she was not impressed. I’ve added some tuna! Surf and turf for breakfast and she’s eaten a bit more but not enough 😩

I just wish she’d have her meds, it really stresses me out when she isn’t well.


  1. Poor thing! Cats are very intelligent tho, and she will know what’s best for her…I’m sure she will improve in a few days. Our cat (who lived til the age of 21) would not take any meds unless it was tuna too..

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  2. I’m sorry, Elaine. I hope Mia takes her meds and is feeling better soon. I had to do the same with my dog who needed surgery. It is a tough time for our pets to be sick! Hope she is better really soon!

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          1. Hot dogs are good to stuff meds in or you can put far back in mouth and hold closed till swallowed, stroking the throat also helps while holding mouth closed. Liquify it and squirt into her mouth. All these methods have been used by us.

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    1. She hasn’t had any meds so far today, she ate a cat treat she found and brought that back up so she’s just on water today. She’s been on my knee and I’ve given her some reiki healing. ❤️

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