I remembered this painting that I created a few years ago when I was caring for my mum knowing that she hadn’t got long to live. I placed myself inside a bubble to cope. It’s strange how the bubble philosophy has Re-emerged. I know that peace will be restored eventually. Relax and enjoy your day.

Elaine 🌹


  1. The bubble can be useful as a coping mechanism, at least in the short term. I think the current situation with the pandemic and the knock-on effects are going to impact a lot of people, perhaps more than we realise. It’s an emotionally-charged time and I think the idea of being in a bubble is quite appealing (providing the bad news gets shut outside of the bubble!) Xx

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  2. Even my cat? The most horrible thing happened yesterday. I was in the kitchen, Virgil was in the garden. I spotted him sat outside the door waiting to come in….with a small sparrow in his mouth, the legs sticking out. I screamed so loud. It’s so, so evil that cats still get birds like this when there’s no need. That evolutionary aspect should be gone by now! x

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      1. It shouldn’t be in-built these days, evolution should have deleted the bird catch-and-kill. They’ve already evolved to manipulate their human slaves, the birdies aren’t necessary victims anymore. I keep getting flashbacks of that poor bird sticking out of his mouth. There was no saving that one. We’ve successfully brought two birds of his back to life, keeping them in the greenhouse as they recuperate. Far too many have not survived the jaws of Virgil.

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            1. It was awful she was panting at one point and kept going in
              her tray then suddenly she was fine, so we are wondering if it was a little kidney stone. She has eaten a bowl of tuna with a tablet in which will keep her going to the loo and touch wood the worst is over now. 😇

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    1. She is now, we think it was a kidney stone because after going in her tray lots suddenly she was okay and ate a bowl of tuna with a tablet hidden in it. She sleeping now ☺️ hopefully the worst is over, I hate it when she’s not well. I panic like mad!

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