Exciting times!

I’ve been out and about today, visiting my daughter and grandchildren in their garden maintaining a safe distance 😳 then I went on to see my sister and sat in her garden , she was pleased to see me and we are talking about going to a local park for a walk very soon.

When I got home Mia had been wandering from room to room, she jumped on her scratch post before settling down on my bed not on her throw but on my cardigan which I’d just taken off. She’s been there ever since.

My shopping is coming between 6 and 7pm 🙂🙃🙂 exciting times.


  1. If it wasn’t for that safe distancing, one could pretend things are getting back to normal. However, it seems that safe distancing is now the new normal for the time to come. Best to make the most of it, Elaine.
    Mia’s letting you know she owns you, you know… 😄😉🐈

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  2. I guess you are not allergic! Tracey can’t sit on a couch they put in the living room in the new house because it used to be downstairs where the kids would bring a cat home on the weekends. the 🙄

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  3. She obviously missed you. And has now put her scent on you.. Forever.
    Good to hear you are out and about. Australia is almost corona free now. Life is slowly returning to the new normal.

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