1. The different colours on the points on the body remind me of the different Chakras, Elaine. I’m not entirely sure on which colour represents which Chakra in the body, but they all are represented by different colours – and I read somewhere once that there are more Chakra points than what we usually see. Maybe you’ve tapped into these different levels of energy radiating from the body. I’m sure these have something to do with the Auras that we have. Just a thought. I must really read up on Chakra energies, it’s a subject that fascinates me but I’ve just not got round to looking at yet!

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    1. I was waiting for your take on this piece Tom. I did learn reiki healing years ago so I know about chakra points. My original idea was to paint someone which ended up a man standing on the moon throwing stars. Then came the colours which had to be balanced and once I had started I couldn’t stop! Maybe a message for me to balance my chakras’s 🤷‍♀️ I enjoyed doing it anyway. 😊

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