I’m very late today, what with visiting my daughter and sitting at a safe distance I was able to deliver my recent paintings to my Granddaughter who was very pleased. 😊

I noticed on the way back that there was no queue outside Lidl like there was the other week which is good. I haven’t been in a shop for nine weeks now and I’m looking forward to going hopefully in the next month.

I was surprised to see a queue outside the bakers mainly men going for their lunchtime sandwiches, some wearing masks and some not. I haven’t got a mask yet, to be honest I wouldn’t know where to get one of any use from.

I make a point of not walking near anybody now. This afternoon has been spent catching up on emails and putting the above painting through the second programme to liven it up a touch. Which makes it almost look like 3D


  1. Aww it’s great you got to see your daughter safely and I’m sure your granddaughter will be very happy with her new works of art!

    I had to go into town for essentials today. Took my stick as I’m still very shaky and it was pretty scary… a lot of people, only one I spotted with a mask; queues outside some shops but it’s totally pointless because the majority are going around like it’s a normal day, pushing past each other, walking a few inches away from other shoppers.. The busier it gets the more disconcerting it is to go out. Stay safely at home, Elaine, you’re not missing much and hopefully things will change soon (fingers crossed for lessening numbers, less idiotic behaviours, maybe even this elusive vaccine!)

    Very pretty tree and flowers – you’re right, the overlaid vibrant leaves do make it look more 3D. What’s the girl holding? Looks like maybe a basket of flowers..? It looks so peaceful and pretty there! xx


  2. I love the petals in the tree – looks so pretty! Here in my area, you are not allowed in any store without a mask. When I pick up prescriptions at the drive-thru I need to have a mask on. We have to go to get the kids belongings from their lockers next week and we’ve been told – no mask, no entry. They take it very seriously here. I got mine on Etsy. I got cheaper hand made ones which is why I think they are so itchy, but it looks like there are some cute softer ones out there if you need one!

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