Another beautiful day

Well it’s another beautiful day in England the sun is shining already and it looks like it’s going to be warm day.

The day started in its usual way of Mia moaning for food then bringing most of it back up on my beautiful rug. I have to say I’m impressed in the few months that we’ve had Mia she has almost christened the entire rug. It’s had so much Vanish rubbed on it that it’s amazing we can still see it!

We have even bought a new Dyson vacuum just to accommodate Mia because she likes to leave a trail of her fur all around the apartment so we know where she is. I used to vacuum the apartment once a week and now it’s every other day 🤗 and the most amazing thing happens when I go to empty the cylinder….. it actually looks like she’s had a kitten ! There’s so much hair, even though she is brushed everyday.

I said to John have you noticed how Mia has settled down well and he said “ Oh yes, she needs her name changing to Riley because she got the life of Riley living with us” 🤭 She’s quite magical to watch she amuses me no end. When she’s hungry she sits in front of John licking her lips, every time she’s been in her litter tray she runs into the lounge meowing looking at John who instantly goes and removes the offending item.

At 11am without fail Mia sits looking at John licking her lips because it’s treat time. She enjoys him hiding little treats in her puzzle and around the lounge she can find them in no time at all.

I’ve been in our spare room quite a bit recently sorting out my files on the computer and Mia is not too keen on me not being in my usual place in the lounge sat painting. She comes to the door and meows until I sit in my usual spot with a cushion on my knee so she can have a cuddle, just for five minutes and then she goes to sleep on the sofa.

Cats are beautiful intelligent creatures and it’s only after adopting an old indoor cat that I’ve realised just how manipulating they can be! That said I have no regrets adopting a 10 year old rescue cat and I wouldn’t change her because she’s part of our family. ❤️

It’s tiring throwing up!


  1. I loved reading about Mia, and how she has got you organised 🙂
    I’m so glad you have got a rescue cat, and an older one too, they are often the hardest to find homes for, but have so much to offer. Heart-warming to see her happy. xx

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  2. Our dogs are very manipulative, too! Bella snorts and shakes her head when she wants to eat or go out. Now, Pepper’s doing the same thing! They teach one another stuff to annoy us. But, like you, we love our recuse animals.

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