1. I will be dyeing and cutting my own hair today..never done the latter before…I’m thinking that maybe the govt will do a phased easing of lockdown, and that only those having a good hair day will be permitted to leave the house. That way most of us will stay in.

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    1. Haha, I always colour my own but I know if I cut it I will make a mess of it. I wouldn’t mind but I had a long bob which I could tie up and now I’ve had it cut short 😫


  2. Funny picture! I told the boys I knew how to cut hair (I didn’t, but hey – I’ve seen them get clippered a hundred times). I think I did a good job! Thankfully they do too 🙂

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  3. Hahaha…. Yes you and me both.. 🙂 I always have cut hubbies hair… And I have been know to chop mine now and again…
    I had a dream only two nights ago which showed me with long flowing hair.. ( I have never had long hair even as a child, as I had the basin cut 😉 )… Just hope that is not an omen lol..

    Sending Love… ❤

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      1. 🙂 well at least you are excising in your dreams that with running to the fridge 🙂 🤣😀😂, you should be tip top.. 🙂 .. Now all you have to stop doing is stop eating your baking!!… .. I keep telling myself the same thing… 🙂 haha… Lots of love Elaine..

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