My first trip out.

I had my first big outing on Thursday when I received a telephone call from the hospital where I had the heart tumour removed last May asking me if I could go in for a MRI heart scan because as you know another mass has appeared and they don’t know if it’s a blood clot or a bit of the original tumour that was left in and started to grow again. Three echocardiograms later they decided to do on a MRI heart scan.

The hospital was so quiet with hardly anyone around I was the only person having a scan and they gowned me up and gave me a mask to put on. I’ve never worn a mask before and after putting it on back to front I realised it didn’t look right and I put it on the right way.

I’ve had MRI scans before but never one on my heart. The nurse was lovely she put a cannula in my arm ready for the dye. Then I had a heavy plate placed on my chest and was fed into the machine with headphones on . Yeah I thought some nice music to listen to!

No music just a robotic voice saying breathe in, breathe out and hold your breath. Okay I thought this is not too bad but it went on and on. The voice of the radiographer said you’re doing really well and I said is it nearly done yet?

He then told me I was about third of the way through! 😳 They injected the dye and the robotic voice must have asked me a hundred times to breathe in, breathe out then hold my breath. I got into a patten the first breath hold lasted 12 clanks of the machine, then later they lasted 24 clanks. I had a bit of a coughing fit at one point 😬 and had to almost go into a meditative state because I feeling a bit claustrophobic. The robotic voice continued and the actual scan lasted 90 minutes 🥵 I could hardly get off the bed because my back had gone into lockdown.

A doctor appeared at the other side of the room ( maintaining a safe distance). Watching me trying to stand up straight lol. I asked him the same question I’ve seem to have asked a hundred times. Is the mass still there? Yes he said, is it a blood clot or a myxoma I asked. Obviously he couldn’t answer and said it would all be with the surgeon within an hour.

The radiographer told me they had all they needed which is good and they let me come home so it’s obviously not life threatening.

Once again I have to sit and wait for somebody to let me know what it is and what the next course of action is. I dread the thought of open heart surgery again but at least I know the procedure. 😇❤️


  1. You are a brave woman, Elaine. Fingers crossed everything is normal and it’s just that extra big heart of yours casting a shadow.

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  2. Elaine, I am sorry that you have had to go through another procedure. I am sending all of my positive thoughts and prayers out to you. Everything will be okay. You are strong, brave lady!

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    1. Thanks Sue with all the love from this site I’m sure everything will be good , just like you I had an off day yesterday and felt the need to write it out. 😘

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  3. Hope you get a good result Elaine. Thank you for sharing the procedure, it’s interesting to know what it entails & how you felt while going through it and also that it took 90 min. I hope your back came good quickly after it. We have had a break from blogging for 12 months, but Lis and I (Tracey) are back now, so we will be looking forward to following your blog regularly.

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    1. To be honest I’m getting passed it now, I know that they will know the answer they were looking for now, if they don’t get in touch straight away that’s good… If it was surgery again nothing will be done unless it’s an emergency because of the lockdown ❤️

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