The last of the flour!

Look at this Tango’s baking I’ve actually made a cake this morning ☺️ I doubt that I will be invited to enter the great British bake off 😏 but it’s passable!

The cream started running down the sides 😬
So I put it in the fridge 🥶

I used my only Easter egg for the top ( that was very hard for me to do) 😔 (because I love chocolate when it’s been in the fridge.)

The cake was too big to fit in one cake tin for storage so I’ve spilt it between 2 tins .

It’s really nice, I’ve just have a piece, the diet starts after Easter 🤥


  1. Bakers unite! 😁
    Your cake looks scrumptious, Elaine! And at least you get to eat a little more than just a Easter Egg!
    Enjoy! Happy Easter!

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    1. The good old fashioned recipe from the Bero book 8 ounce sugar, 8 ounce of margarine, 7ounce self raising flour, 1 ounce of drinking chocolate and 4 eggs all mixed together. Placed in two sandwich tins, baked 180 for 25 minutes.


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