Awake in the night 2

I was awake again in the night so I decided to listen to a deep sleep meditation tape by Louise Hay on YouTube . I must have kept falling asleep but in one moment a picture came into my mind.

It was an eye, I remember feeling happy because it’s a long time since I’ve seen anything in a half asleep/ half awake moment and in the past it was usually sunflowers 🌻 that I would see.

I watched the eye come into a clearer focus and then it turned into a cats eye and when I looked deeper into the eye I saw the eye was actually the world. I think this is because I had been thinking about all my paintings which actually feature a cat looking into the distance and pondering on its meaning I got my answer. The cat is looking out into the world, visiting many places, crossing seas.

Therefore I decided to paint my cat Mia looking and seeing the world in her eye.


  1. And therein lies the answer, Elaine!
    Instead of looking out to the world, maybe it’s more looking out for it? Just a thought.
    When I’m in that mid-sleep mid-awake state, I don’t tend to see anything but instead pick up random conversations. Sometimes I can’t make out what is being said, and other times the odd word or two really stands out. And I hear laughter a lot too. It used to bother me, but now, when I notice it, I try to make out more of what’s being said.

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    1. Good point Tom, I’ve kept hearing a telephone ring too so obviously someone is trying to communicate 😇 it must be great to hear laughter, there’s many ways that they can communicate with us. 😄

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          1. Will do next time it happens. I never know when it will happen, though, and sometimes it startles me back awake! Sigh. Just have to get the balance right.

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