Awake in the night.

Hello 👋

I’m awake in the night and after sending out loving, healing thoughts to the world I’ve made the decision to stop watching the constant programmes regarding the Coronavirus! All the media seem to be doing is spreading fear throughout the world and thus creating panic buying.

As long as we remain vigilant and positive we can get through this and hopefully learn something from the experience . After darkness comes the LIGHT.


  1. So true, Elaine. Even reading the news it’s the same thing. I try to read what I feel I need to and then try to get on with whatever else I’m doing. Most of the time I wished I’d never bothered as everything is dragged up again and again. Keep positive and keep shining the light!

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  2. I don’t watch TV or listen to the news. Like you said, the media keeps everyone on pins and needles. Buck keeps up with everything and lets me know what’s going on when I ask him. Other than that, I’m sitting here creating. It’s my happy place.

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  3. Fear mongering. There’s nothing to fear but FEAR itself. Isn’t that how it goes? Do the best you can take care of yourself and I’m sure it’ll be fine. There’s a 2 week incubation period. After that, we’re good. Love you, take care, Elaine!

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