1. Using a tool isn’t cheating, Elaine it’s being more creative with the use of a tool! You could say that colour is a tool; it’s how you use it that makes the difference!
    Love the colours in this image, and the birds look OK to me as well.

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      1. Nah… getting someone else to do it for you is cheating – creating something yourself out of whatever’s available is just being creative… and saving time. You could always amend the pre-prepared parts before finishing the project anyway.
        (I can see how it can be seen as cheating, however, but you have to place the bird (etc) just as you spread the colour!)

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      2. It’s not cheating. If that’s the case, the whole world is made up of cheaters. I used to watch tattoo artist contest TV shows. Most tattoo artists draw their own designs. But this one tattoo artist traced his designs because he couldn’t draw and the other artists put him down for that. They said he was cheating. He was a great tattoo artist and it was perfectly legal for him to trace his designs and continue in the contest. I felt sorry for him cause I can’t draw either but that never stopped me from painting really well. Not being able to draw can be a handicap but we shouldn’t let it hold us back if we can create something beautiful in spite of it. Do what you can do with what you have to do it with. We’re not stealing. We’re not cheating. We’re creating.

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  2. I know how you feel. I feel like cheating when I use those special effects, too. But that’s what makes digital painting so much fun and creative. Actually, that’s how most all digital artists paint and that’s why so many great brushes are out there for us to buy and use. PaintShop Pro and Photo Shop come with many special effects when you buy or upgrade the programs. Keep playing around with them and never feel like you’re cheating. You’re creating!

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