Warning, long post!

I’ve been painting a lot in the last week, not on my iPad though 🙂 I’ve been painting our bathroom. Technically it’s a wet room because there is no bath.😬. However it has two walls tiled from top to bottom which helps because there’s not as much to paint.

I hadn’t planned to decorate, it was only after seeing a neighbours newly painted wet room that I fell in love with the colour 💜❤️💚 she had a professional decorator do hers and it looked stunning.

I almost ran back to our apartment drooling 🤤 to tell John I had seen the most beautiful colour of paint EVER and I was going to decorate our wet room. Now my interpretation of I in the English dictionary means WE. We went out and bought the same colours as my neighbour and I sneaked it into our apartment like I was on a mission. I didn’t want her to see I was copying 😌

I began taping around the edges of the walls and door I was going to paint the ceiling but I couldn’t wait to see what the colour looked like on our walls. Now my husband, bless him, can be a bit boring ( opps that should read sensible ) he was saying WAIT a minute don’t rush it, I will start it tomorrow. To my mind, tomorrow is a hundred days away and I could be dead by then and I’d have never seen what that paint looked like on my wall 🥺😭

We compromised and I asked him to take the bathroom cupboard and shelf off the wall so I could at least paint those in brilliant a white gloss.

Is it just me but is glossing a right pain, why does it go onto my hands, why does it need several layers. 🤔 When I had done the cupboard and shelf I went back into the bathroom and decided to look at the walls. John called out telling me he was going to start it the day after when I was going to the hospital for yet another blood test 😏

Maybe it’s because I was born under the star sign Aquarius but …. I couldn’t wait, I opened the paint and gave it a stir, hmm I wondered if it would look the same on my wall. Somehow magically the paint roller attached itself to my hand and the paint poured itself into a tray and it landed on the wall……It was a truly magical moment, you should have been here!

I was in a frenzy I had to cover all the wall, I was amazingly constrained even using a little brush near the white radiator 😌 after doing one and a half walls I’d had enough because I like big walls to paint not around sinks and pipes 🙄

John was annoyingly right when he said I couldn’t wait for one more day. I tried to explain that it was my artistic temperament, but it fell on deaf ears 😒

Then would you believe he had the cheek to say he didn’t like the colour 😩 I told him that it was beautiful, it is modern and when the white gloss was on the door and the cupboard and shelf back on the walls it would look stunning. I didn’t tell him that I would need to buy new towels and accessories, nah, baby steps with John.

The following day after I made my trip to the hospital and this time I saw a different nurse who didn’t give me cooking tips this nurse asked me what I was doing for the rest of the day. I told her I was decorating and she said she always had the job of glossing the paintwork in her house. I told her that I did both but I didn’t like it because the paint somehow stuck to my hands.

She took my blood 🩸 and we carried on chatting, I wasn’t in a rush to get back to the car park, I was secretly hoping that the painting fairy aka John was finishing my bathroom. When it was time to go the nurse said “ here, put these in your pocket and gave me a few pairs of gloves, saying that’s so you don’t get paint all over your hands. 😄 I thanked her and said I hoped she hadn’t thought I had been hinting about wanting gloves 🤥. and she reassured me she didn’t think that.

I skipped back to the car park and guess what! I didn’t have to pay because I was still in the free time period. 🙂🙃🙂 When I got home John was in the bathroom painting 👊 🙏

Now there is only the door and skirting boards left to gloss in brilliant white and today’s the day to do it ….. but obviously I had to write a post and feed the cat and ……….Below is the colour!

Honestly it’s really gorgeous in real life.


  1. Very pretty! That is the color of my kitchen. It was the color when we moved in 12 years ago and I haven’t even thought to change it. You’re a real go getter! Your impatience and John’s boring/sensibility cracked me up 🙂 Hope it turns out amazing!

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  2. women like you need need to be turned loose. I wouldn’t get in your way. I’d say “Knock yourself out getting it done and I’ll have a bottle of wine waiting for you at the end.” but that’s just me.

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      1. Nooooo. Men like your H and me would only get in your way. you would be much happier if we stayed out of your way. we’re better in a supporting cast role. 😉


        1. My husband does all the cooking. Not much on yard work like pulling weeds. But he likes to mow. I guess we have to take the good with the bad. I know I’m not perfect.

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  3. Your husband and my husband are just alike, except Buck doesn’t paint. He doesn’t take out the trash, either and NEVER does anything in a hurry. Gotta love em!

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