I am never having steak and peppercorn sauce ever again! After a night up and down to the loo, I awoke to a beautiful white frosted outlook which made the mud outside look almost like Christmas cake icing. The temperature had plummeted both indoors and out.

I decided to treat myself to a freezing cold hair wash which was so invigorating 🥶 I couldn’t or rather wouldn’t put my whole body under the flow of crystallised water I’m not stupid 🤓 No it was a wash down with a kettle of boiling water!

I wouldn’t say I was a high maintenance type of girl but I’ve never been camping and I wouldn’t entertain doing so until all the tents came with tempura mattresses and a vanity unit with somewhere to plug in my hair dryer 🙄

After drying my hair, thank God we have electric although in the night the lights were flickering but I put that down to my dear departed mother telling me to get back to bed!

Just after I had finished applying my makeup ( well I can’t look ill, I’m at the hospital this morning ) the doorbell rang 😳

“I’m here to look at your boiler love” said a man

I replied “if only I had waited another half an hour I could have had a hot shower”

“ I can’t promise you I can fix it today love” was his reply!

Now he is huffing and puffing trying to unscrew a valve. God give me strength.

Mia is hiding in a corner, who’s this strange man in our apartment!

I should really look on the bright side, Storm Dennis is coming this weekend. 😏 Further updates later 😉👍🏻🛀😘


  1. I love this post. It reminds me of the old funny John’s eyebrows posts you used to write. It is true, sometimes you just have to laugh! Btw, the foghorn went off again last night!😄🤪

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