The worst week!

I have to say I’ve had the worst week for a long time this week, if the flood wasn’t bad enough the mud we have now is terrible. It’s been walked into the entrance hall mainly by visitors to the apartments who obviously couldn’t care less.

Yesterday our boiler started leaking and I had to ring for someone to come out who arrived at teatime. He was a nice smiley young man who although nice couldn’t fix the leak because he needed a part, So he turned off our hot water instead. 😳 So we have no hot water. I said WHAT! You mean we have to live with no hot water now? I’m sure he found it funny,

Has he was leaving I said “enjoy your hot shower tonight” and almost said think of me, luckily I stopped myself because it would have sounded a bit weird! 😬☺️

After he had gone our online supermarket shopping came and John told him to wait at the entrance and we would come down. We rang down the stairs and then heard the lift moving! Yep, someone had let him through the main door with his big wheeler trolly. We rang back up the stairs just as the lift opened and he pushed the trolley on to the beige carpet on our floor. STOP we shouted and made him stay in the lift whilst we took the shopping. I can’t tell you how bad the carpet looked when he had gone! I got a bowl of COLD water and some vanish stain remover and gave it a good scrub, luckily it cleaned up good and then I mopped out the lift. By then I could have done with a shower myself ….. but guess what! no hot water!

This morning John had to go out after boiling the kettle to get washed in ( it was like the old days ) and after he had gone the building fire alarm went off. Now we have a stay put procedure in our apartments but I couldn’t resist looking out into the hallway. Nearly everyone on our floor was out there ! “What’s happening I asked”.? but obviously nobody knew.

I went back into my apartment and the cat was freaking out because of the alarm! I thought if we had to vacate she would have to go into the cat basket which we hates. If I had to force her in no doubt I would get scratched and being a warfarin taker ☺️ I would probably bleed 🩸 to death.

I weighed up the pros and cons, die in a fire or die from fighting with the cat and bleeding to death. It was a tough choice. Then I saw the fire engine 🚒 arrive and breathed a sigh of relief. Five minutes later the alarm stopped and I popped my head out of the door to find the other tenants still around and asked “ What happened “ It was the lady at number 4 who burnt her toast 🤬 she was the lady who let the supermarket order in through the door last night. I wonder if I can get her evicted 🧐😏😉

It’s nearly 4pm and still no hot water 😩 I’m not enjoying this week at all. Never mind it’s another blood test tomorrow, I hope she has some beef recipes. 👍


  1. What a sabbati horribilis you’ve had, Elaine. I’m trusting that’s the correct phrase in Latin, I have checked but feel I’m doubting my sources!
    People aren’t bothered anymore, but at least they got to clean their shoes on your entrance hall… so in a way they’re doing their bit to clear some of the mud from outside.
    Hope you have hot water again now, boiling water’s OK, but it does get tiring – and a bit too hot if you don’t get the cold balance right.
    And as for the lady in number four – check her shoes. Just sayin’.
    I’m only making light – it really has been a case of one thing after another hasn’t it? I hope things improve exponentially from now. Take it easy!

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  2. I loved this, a comedy of errors for sure! I’m glad you maintained a sense of humor. My sad story is no sleep with someone moving in even though it was snowing, snowplows at one a.m. in the parking lot, then finally thought I was sleeping at three when someone started booming bass on some music. Apartment living is not pleasant. Snowbound st the moment, no sidewalks cleared. It will be a pain getting out tomorrow. I think the fire and no scratches was a good choice.

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    1. Here we are not allowed to make any noise after 11pm and before 7am although tbh it’s so quiet I sometimes think we live on our own. You take care C and try and get a cat nap 😴

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  3. I didn’t have a lack of hot water problem when I was deployed to Kuwait in 1998. we had brown water bladders which absorbed up the sunlight rather quickly and you had all the hot water one could ever need. however, we did have a “COLD” water problem because of the lack of it. you should Google how to take a bath while out camping. yeh! that’s the ticket. 🙂

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  4. Aw no, what a shitty week. When it rains, it pours – sorry, couldn’t help it! 😉

    The floods have been awful judging by your photos before. The boiler issue is such a pain in the bum. We’ve had problems too, took a few days to get the part (a pump?) Really bad time to go without hot water and heating. As for the grocery delivery guy, surely he’d have more common curtesy than tramping in all the mud? Write to the grocery people, see if they’ll give you some a discount on your next order for the manual labour you’ve had to put in cleaning your carpets.
    Mmm I love the smell of burnt toast 😂

    I really, really hope things can improve over the weekend – First things first, some hot water! xx

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  5. That really stinks, Elaine! I hate it when we lose our hot water too. Such an inconvenience and annoyance. Here’s hoping it gets fixed sooner rather than later and you can get back in routine.

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