Warfarin 3

I’ve been to the hospital five times now for blood tests in fact the nurses know me now! One nurse was even giving me recipes for chicken thighs yesterday 🤭 I was edging my way out of the door conscious that if I ran back to the car park I could avoid a £2 parking charge and she was reciting how to make 50 different dishes out of chicken thighs. Honestly you would be amazed just how much meat you can shred off a chicken thigh. You can buy them from Aldi for a mere £1.35, Tesco’s are more expensive but still worth buying. Tick tock, tick tock. Finally she let me go and I hot footed it across to the car park 🥵 just in time to get out without paying 🏆

In the afternoon I got a text asking me to acknowledge an appointment at another hospital for next Tuesday at the virtual clinic! The virtual clinic for a appointment I’d no idea about 🤔 I hadn’t had a letter so I rang the hospital to ask what it was about. I was told I didn’t need to attend ( hence the virtual 😉) but I COULD be rung by a cardiac consultant who would be looking over my records…… hmm 🧐 I think they want to officially discharge me 9 months after I was in their care. Obviously they have no idea what happened to me after they forwarded me on to the hospital I’m under now. It’s quite worrying the lack of communication between hospitals in the U.K.

Later. In the afternoon I got a phone call from the warfarin clinic to tell me my blood had gone up to 4.1 ( they want it around 2.5 ) and they had booked me another appointment for this Friday. Yay I might get some idea what to cook for Sunday lunch 🥱

I’m wondering if they will actually get it stable before I attend my appointment for the echocardiogram which is three weeks today!


  1. I get emails from Medicare all the time saying I have an important message and they give the site. I click on it and never ever find a message. Now I just delete the mailings. I blame it on the government. I think all huge systems are flawed in general. Nothing has changed since I was a civil service employee in the sixties🙄😳😃

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  2. It’s always up and down for a bit and then levels off… for so long.
    Do you know, Elaine, you can get chicken thighs from Sainsburys too… a little more expensive but you can do so much with them. I prefer chicken breast myself, sliced. 😊

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