The perfect start to my day!

I was woken at 6am to the gentle sounds of the brook that runs outside my bedroom window …… no that’s a lie , I was woken up to the sound of Mia in the next room who sounded like she was digging the channel tunnel in her cat tray! I buried my head under the duvet to see if I could block out the noise but I couldn’t.

The gentle aroma of bacon wafted through to the bedroom ….. no that’s a lie it wasn’t bacon 🥓 it was cat 💩 I dug my head even deeper under the duvet until I heard the sound of a rattlesnake! Sorry that’s a lie…… it was Mia who instead of meowing gives a gurgling sound to let you know she is around. She really didn’t need to do that because the smell had already done the trick.

I crawled out of bed and removed the offending item from her tray whilst she sat observing that I was doing it in accordance with her requirements. She then tried hypnotising me to follow her into the lounge.

Warning! Don’t look into her eyes!

I tried to resist but somehow I found myself following her towards her two empty cat dishes 🙀 Then I heard beautiful music, no sorry that was a lie…….. it was a loud meowing …….Feed me, FEED ME NOW! So obviously still under hypnosis I open a sachet of food and gave it to her.

When she had licked all the gravy out of the dish she walked passed her all singing and dancing water fountain which I’m seriously considering making into a gravy fountain because this cat could just survive on gravy and threw herself down on the floor for a very quick forty winks.

Was I dismissed! I went back to bed and tried but couldn’t get back to sleep because now I wanted the cat tray ….. sorry toilet and then I wanted my gravy ….. sorry breakfast…..

Argh…….. Another day in Casa Amour being the servant of a ten year old rescue cat! I bet her old owners are still in dreamland, laughing at the thought of whoever has the privilege of serving Mia now!

Surveying her Kingdom
Finally she’s asleep!

If you are considering having a cat, think carefully because it’s like having a baby! Hard work and 💩…..sorry …..❤️💜


  1. My almost 14 year old cat has a lot in common with Mia, especially the gravy thing… and the yelling… ‘come on cat-slave, snap to it!’ We love them though 🙂

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    1. She was drinking very little water from a bowl and getting old lady water work problems. It’s well known that cats like to drink from running water that’s why lots of cats drink from taps and baths.

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