The road travelled.

It’s my birthday today and I’m 63 years young, it seems strange seeing the numbers 6 & 3 together. I don’t feel 63 and when I’m asked my age I really have to think how old I really am.

My two daughters are 41 and 39 this year 😳 now that does make me feel old! Although we are more like friends, plus my youngest daughter often acts like the mother anyway.😬

I always use to wish my life away remembering that I wanted to be 36 for some reason which when you think about it is 63 reversed. 🤔

My mum lived to be 87 that’s 24 more years than I am and somehow I can’t imagine doing that. It’s events like today that I miss my mum and uncle very much. They always used to say “Many Happy Returns” and I can hear both their voices in my head now.

I close my eyes and try to feel their presence around me, if only I could have them both back just for five minutes, that would be a great birthday treat, although it would probably scare the life out of me. 😱

The painting above was created on Sunday and it was going to be a river or a sea view but somehow it turned into a road! It’s the first time I’ve ever painted a road and surprisingly I enjoyed it. Today this painting seems apt because it signifies the journey we travel throughout our lifetimes and although the road seems bumpy at times my road painting looks fairly smooth.

I wonder what this next year will bring for me and although I do have some psychic abilities I’m grateful that I can’t see into my future. All I can see is the road ahead just like my painting.

Below is the journey of my painting, I was going to add flowers but somehow they didn’t feel right so I just added a few sprigs of heather, maybe unconsciously for luck 🙂


  1. Hey! I can’t believe it’s your birthday, seems like it was just here! And my calendar app was silent, dang controllers, so no notice did I receive. Sorry I’m late! Happy Birthday!❤️

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  2. Damn! I didn’t know it was your birthday. Happy belated wishes with sprigs of flowers and love hearts and blessign and angel wings and litte kitty kats…. 😁😘🤣💝

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  3. First of all, happy birthday (late). Second…63 is nothing woman! You’re in great health unlike my mother unfortunately and she is your age and me the age of your younger daughter less two years. I see you love your pets as well as my mother loves her crazy bulldog, really this dog is nuts. Now that I´m taking care of mom having to do all the house things and the rest, I got to the conclusion this dog is officially insane, isn’t there a nut job hospital for dogs? I thought the paintings were great, water color?
    Nice to meet a 36 year old woman.

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    1. 😁 Thank you, I’m sorry to hear about your mum 💜 pets are great company. I paint digitally I did this one using a airbrushes which I agree that it look like water colours.


      1. I´m learning a bit about paintings, it did look like water colors. What is a amazing is that now people paint digitally, I´m stuck way back when it comes to these new technologies. It looked great.

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  4. Happy birthday Elaine,
    I love this painting and cannot think of a better representation of life.
    The painting plucked at my heartstrings as everything about it looks like the road near my mum’s home in ireland. Thinking especially of all the good souls gone to their rest. 🙏😇❤️.

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