My Sunday morning.

7.30am I was awoken to a sound that I wasn’t quite sure was until John said it the cat running around the apartment . Running ! I was sure her tail was on fire she was racing round so much…… time to get up.

The moment she sees us she begins the cat chorus of mew mew mew, getting louder and louder, demanding a head rub for all of one minute then she begins to mew again.

Breakfast time. 😸 Can you hear that? It’s the gentle sound of a lapping cat tongue licking out all the gravy from her breakfast. We have a cat who doesn’t drink much water, oh no she wants it in gravy form, she licks all the gravy then eats the meat after! Finally she is hydrated and fed and she sits on Pricilla to have her morning wash.

After a while she observes all what’s going on outside, she misses the chickens who unfortunately got eaten by a fox or foxes the other night when they did a midnight raid!

Her eyes begin to get heavy and she decides to have one of her many cat naps. Now it’s my breakfast time. I sit down on the settee to enjoy toast with raspberry jam and a cup of coffee and begin scrolling through WordPress posts, enjoying the peace and quiet .

I put on my headphones to listen to a meditation that my good friend Raili @ souls gifts has put on the site and slowly I drift away listening to the chanting which sound so beautiful. Suddenly I think the chanting is not as pure but can’t think why until I realise that I can hear a mewing that’s not in tune. I open my eyes and she’s sat looking at me.

What’s wrong with you I ask! She jumps off and stands in front of me mewing and I realise she’s been in her cat tray. We have a cat that likes to let us know when she’s been , every time she’s been throughout the day😼 and doesn’t shut up until the offending item has been removed.

It’s pointless carrying on with the meditation now so I put it down to go see to my queens cat tray. I empty it completely then give it a good wash out whilst she watches on to make sure I’m doing it to her standards.

I sit back on the settee and say who’s a good clean girl then. She sits on the carpet looking up at me with her big green eyes and I invite her up for a cuddle. “ Come on I say” she stands up then turn around and strolls over to Pricilla completely disregarding me. I’m dismissed.

She’s fed, petted and cleaned out , what does she need me for! Until next time. 😻

Paws crossed 😻


  1. Aww such a good girl! She stands for being washed, like a cloth wash? Virgil can’t stay to have water anywhere near him. I wouldn’t risk losing my hands and arms to his claws if I dared tried to hand wash him let alone put him in the sink/shower like I used to with my dog. I love that she lets you know when she’s ‘been’ so you can clean it out 😂😂😂

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    1. Oh wait, just re-read this. “she sits on Pricilla to have her morning wash” – you mean she was cleaning herself, hahahah I thought you meant you were giving her a clean 😂😂😂 Brain momentarily disengaged there!
      It’s so sad about those chickens, too. Bad foxes!

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  2. That’s our Bella. I know she’s just a dog (the strangest dog we’ve ever owned), but it would be nice to be loved for something more than fulfilling her demands. And she has a lot of demands!

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  3. She’s got you under her paw, hasn’t she!
    Two suggestions –
    1. teach her to use the loo. Seriously. We had a cat in Finland that taught itself to sit on the toilet. Take it the next step and teach her to flush. Although that might be a step too far as it would take you out of the toileting servant class,
    2. get her earphones so she can meditate with you. Or play it so she can hear too. Tess is always on cue when it’s meditation time here. I think I must have the most meditated dog in Adelaide.
    Get those two things sorted out and you’ll be closer to being in charge of your life. Only just…………

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    1. Lol 😂 I will work on your suggestions, unfortunately I’ve got a cat that doesn’t like to be touched unless she’s in the mood 🙄 when I pick her her she recoils lol and can’t wait to get away.

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      1. Then you need to get creative. A tasty morsel strategically placed. One given as a reward. Perseverance. Patience. Catnip bribery… you just might get somewhere if Her Catness so deigns 🤣🤣

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