Echocardiogram results

I’ve seen the surgeon this morning for the results of a echocardiogram taken in December. The new echocardiogram shows another shadow which he thinks could either be a blood clot or the original tumour growing back.  He remembered that it was near a very healthy heart valve which he didn’t want to replace at the time of my surgery.

He then showed us the echocardiogram that they took back in May with the very large tumour which was really interesting to see.

 He is writing to my doctor to ask her to put me on some blood thinning meds. Then I’ve to go back in three months for another echocardiogram and then see him for the results. 

If the shadow has reduced in size then it would have been a blood clot, if not it’s the tumour growing back and it would mean another open heart surgery operation.

Do I feel better? Yes I do because at least they’re keeping on top of things. Onwards and upwards. 😸


  1. Well, now you know, Elaine. It’s a shame they couldn’t have told you that sooner, but I suppose it’s good that your surgeon wanted to tell you himself rather than passing it on to someone else to tell you. I can see both sides here.
    You have the perfect positive attitude and hopefully the blood thinners will resolve this latest issue for you.
    Keep yourself well, Elaine.

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  2. I am so sorry to hear Elaine. I really hope that it’s not the tumour growing back again and that the blood thinners will help loosen the cloth and it will disappear. . Wishing you all the best. I am thinking of you.

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  3. Onwards and upwards with my prayers by your side. Ok, three months for the next check up. God bless Elaine…sending you a healing hug. xo Keep thinking positive!! Nothing good comes from worry about maybes…love the optimism…I feel the same way!

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