Christmas cards.

Feeling back to normal today, the duvet day I had yesterday worked wonders and I slept like a baby all night , obviously my ribs must have knitted back together 😉

I decided to create some Christmas cards and pull out the ones I did last year.

Simple yet nice!
In green 😎
This stag is a digital painting that I created above a year ago
This is a acrylic painting done two years ago

This too is painted using acrylic paint approximately two years ago. Sometimes I miss working with acrylic paint and a canvas, if I had a spare room I would use actual paints again but it’s just not practical at the moment.


  1. Such cute designs. can I print some of these next year for AllheART’s Christmas drive with a bi of a bio about the artist (that would be you). AllheART is hoping to send out Christmas cards to everyone spending time in hospital or who may be alone in aged care homes next year.


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