Feeling very emotional 😭

Finally after almost a year I have created and printed a range of cards for the local hospice. My sister and I are going to take them on Monday to see if they would like them for their shop.

It will be the first time I will be inside the building where mum passed away. I can’t help wondering if she would approve. Hopefully she will know that they were created out of love and respect in her memory.

I might even take some into the Salvation Army shop because my Dad was a big fan of the Salvation Army. Hey I might start giving them away on the street 😳

I’ve even created my own logo then if anyone wants to commission me to do a painting for them they can contact me 😏


  1. Your cards are beautiful. I did a similar thing. After Mom died of Alzheimer’s, I started doing collages, which I mainly use for my own reflection. But I started volunteering for the hospice that helped Mom by visiting their patients. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. It’s difficult to lose a parent. My prayers go out to you.

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  2. These are incredible, you even have the little plastic envelopes to pop them in – very professional!
    I hope all goes well when you take them in. I can only imagine how strange/odd/heartbreaking/difficult (?) it must be returning to that hospital… I didn’t have to know your mum to know she’d be proud of what you’re doing. You’re spreading love and compassion and you have a beautiful heart, Elaine  ♥

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    1. To be honest Caz, I’ve spoken to Louise to ask her if she could take them in for me, I can’t even think about going in to the building without tearing up 😭 I’m a mess at the moment. ❤️

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