1. She looks like she is now perfectly at home. We are feeding a stray Tom. We are unsure if he has a home. But the way he tucked into a plate of cat biscuits I’d bought he hadn’t eaten in a while. But no sign today in all this rain. So I think he’s found shelter. Sometimes cat have more than one home on the go, but I won’t let him starve lol and said to hubby we might have to make him a bed lol 😀💕

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        1. I had an astrology soul report done the other week followed by a full astrology reading, interesting 🤔 apparently I’m at a crossroads , she could see me on a stage doing spiritual work, she is the second person to tell me that! Or following my art path. Maybe I will do spiritual artwork 😳😉

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              1. Now you can give it some thought and adapt in ways that suit you.. Even if you try it out on friends first.. You will be amazed if you just TRUST and allow Spirit to work through you.. ❤

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