Flood alert again!

We’ve just had another flood alert! Although it’s lovely living near a river it’s a bit of a pain having to move the car. The trees are releasing their leaves 🍁 beautiful colours still surround us.

Outside the kitchen window, the brook which overflows.
You can see the river through the trees. It’s been raining all day long, next will come the rainfall from the surrounding hills.


  1. Oh yikes! I know it was really bad the other week. We had a bit of flooding down our road but nowhere near what some places get at all. Can’t they just put a really, really big sponge in that river? 😂

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  2. The river is beautiful, though. As a kid, we lived near a dam and the water was about 100 feet or so from our house. Once, during a flood ( we had many), the water came all the way up to the front porch. That was scary!

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