Artrage finger paintings

Would you believe that I’m cat sitting for my daughter looking after her kitten Wesley. I kid you not when I opened the kitchen door this morning he shot out like a rocket. Up and down the stairs, everywhere 😳 I wish I had his energy. Thank goodness we have an older cat.

Wesley has wound down now thank goodness and is having a rest by my side.

So I thought I would do some finger painting because my Apple Pencil is at home.

Meanwhile Mia is chilling at home.


  1. The finger painting looks interesting with the 3D effect. My son has two puppies that tear through the house like tornadoes when they come visit. Tess hides behind me! And when she’s had enough, lets them know.

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  2. Aww, my cat does that sometimes. Goes absolutely bats** crazy running around. Not often though, he’s very content to laze around all day napping! Our cats really do look incredibly alike! xx

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