Mia’s home

We went to pick up Mia from the rehoming centre and she has definitely got a good voice especially when she was put in the pet carrier!

Once home she had a good look around and was fine until a neighbour called and then she ran behind the settee until she had gone, then she came out again,

She had a play with a laser.

Then played with her squirrel 🐿

She’s hugging it, not eating it.

She met Pricilla

But they didn’t give each other eye contact.
She watched the chickens for a while.
Checked out the kitchen window
Before having a bite to eat and drink.

She seems to like resting on the floor than on the settee. She is so tired now, I wish she would have a good sleep.

All in all it’s been a very successful homecoming, she keeps coming to me for a bit of reassurance and a tickle but in the main I think she’s very happy in her new home.


  1. Awww it’s great she’s inquisitive and having a little explore around the place. She’s very sweet! I’m sure she’ll warm to Pricilla soon enough, once she realises she’s not a threat to your affection 😉 xx

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