31 October 2018

Twelve months ago today Mum,John, my sister and I went to the hospital to get the results of mum’s recent CT scan. The specialist was such a lovely man even mum liked him! 😉 He gave us the sad news that mum had stage four cancer in various places and nothing could be done but to give pain relief. I think that he was shocked how we all took the news, I suppose he was used to people breaking down but we were just relieved that finally we had an answer to why mum was having so much back pain.

We left the hospital and went back to mums house all shaking our heads, the doctor had been giving her rubbing cream thinking it was arthritis when it was actually bone cancer. Mum had asked the specialist how much time she had left and he had replied, months! Mum actually lived seven weeks after that diagnosis.

I am a great preacher of the statement light always follows darkness because it’s true, life goes on because it’s meant to be that way. We are put on this earth to enjoy life, life can and often is painful but there is also so much joy to be had.

Please remember light always follows darkness.

31 October 2019

Today John and I are going to pick up Mia the elderly cat with a heart problem from the cat shelter 🙄🤷‍♀️😇 We are ready for our new arrival even though Pricilla is not impressed!

I told her to get down!

Hmm 🤔 I hope all goes well.
Have a great day ❤️


  1. lovely post Elaine even though tinged with the sad memories of that day with your Mum… Light always will win and illuminate our lives if we look for it and allow it in..
    I am super exited that you are adopting a rescue cat we had several of them that were just beautiful friends.. And I had to smile at Priscilla’s antics, lets hope she behaves her self when your new cat Mia arrives, or she might find herself as the scratching post instead of that lovely new combination of hideout and climbing frame you have for Mia..

    Enjoy your time together, I am sure she will fill that gap you are feeling at the moment in lack of zest for painting.. She will perhaps become the focus for new paintings in the future… ❤
    Good to catch up with you dear Elaine.. and happy you are well in your self… All things transcend my friend as we go through various phases…. I am sure I will be taking more silent breaks from here on in… As I so enjoyed my creative space I gave myself..
    Much love your way and take care of you .. ❤ Hugs

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  2. Light always returns
    I think we have the same philosophy.
    I always say life is sometimes hard but always beautiful.
    We have to remember to look for the beauty.
    Exactly the same happened to my best friend as did your mam
    Chronic back pain misdiagnosed
    It was cancer
    I miss her terribly x

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