Awake in the night 2

Last week I went shopping with my sister to a small retail park where there is a well known food hall in England. Once inside I decided to buy a meal deal which offered a main course, a side dish, a desert and a choice of a bottle of wine or two soft drinks. Believe it or I’m not a wine drinker 😱 I was looking for the soft drinks but the only thing I could see was a bottle of Buck’s Fizz … so… because I’m going away later this year with my sister, daughters and granddaughter to a forest retreat I thought that it would go down well with our breakfast. So I picked up a bottle and carried it to the checkout.

When it was my turn to be served the cashier asked me if I had a voucher which gave money off for the meal deal to which I replied no. She then told me that the meal deal charge had not been deducted and she called her supervisor over to assist. She whispered to me that she had given me the discount which was worth £5 but not to mention it to the supervisor.

The supervisor was a nice gentleman who took me over to another area to sort out the issue. I was hoping that he wouldn’t ask me if I had given in a voucher for the discount because I find it very difficult to tell a lie whilst equally I did not want to get the cashier into trouble for her kindness. 😬

He then said that he saw the problem! The Buck’s Fizz was classed as a soft drink 😳 and I needed another bottle of it 🙏 and then he gave me a refund of £5.

My sister and I left the shop and outside was a young homeless guy that I had seen before along with his dog. So when I walked past him I bent forward and gave him the £5 note. His face was a picture, he was clearly amazed, Then he said God bless you which surprised me . I class myself as spiritual rather than religious and I wondered why he felt the need to say those words.

Perhaps he thought they were words I needed to hear? Or perhaps he thought that only a religious person would give him money? Perhaps he was religious himself. I personally don’t think that you have to be religious to be a loving, giving, kind person. But then what do I know! 🤔

I kept thinking about this for the last week and I hope that he didn’t spend the money on drink or drugs but again that was his choice and his decision to make!

All I did was pass a kindness down the line, the cashier had given me the voucher, the supervisor had given me another bottle of Buck’s Fizz and some money back and I had passed it down to someone in need.

It was a great feeling shared amongst all of us, give it a try yourself sometime because to give actually feels better giving than receiving. 😇


  1. That’s great – I really like the idea to “pay it forward” and give your good grace to the next person. Really makes everyone’s day!

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  2. You’re so right its wonderful to be able to pass it on. It’s a win-win all round. Some people say God bless you as a way of thanking you. I wouldn’t go reading too much into it other than a genuine response of gratitude.

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