The journey of a painting 2

Sticking with animals which i do find difficult to digitally paint , yet very rewarding when they’re finished 😬 I have videoed the whole journey. In my defence I have had one eye on the TV watching the Brexit deal vote 😉 so I made several mistakes which I had to correct several times!

I am feeling confused regarding my paintings most artists chose one style of subject, be it landscapes, animals, flowers or another subject. I would ideally like to move forward and perfect my paintings. So I would welcome your opinion as to which direction you think I should follow.

Here is the finished result.

Below is the video journey.


      1. Thanks. I am using PaintShop Pro 2019 Ultimate. I’m going to check out Studio Pro as well as Artrage. The upgrades on PaintShop pro are very disappointing. I can’t get the effects I paid for and Corel is a pain to deal with. I’m thinking of trying something else

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  1. Hi there Elaine! I used to like drawing as a child and some years back I went to an art class where they gave us about 10 minutes to draw an aubergine or something…and I saw the creativity that can come from limitation. You’d think that allowing oneself to go in all directions and not specialise or confine yourself should be wonderful…but I’m wondering if focusing on a single type of subject might produce what you’re looking for. And maybe once that’s ‘perfected’, go on to the next…but…hey…I’m no expert…just a (long) thought.

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    1. Thanks, this is something I had been thinking myself, instead of shooting off in all directions perhaps I should try to perfect one subject at a time. Thanks again ❤️

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  2. I think you should go wherever your heart leads you creativity-wise – animals, angels, landscapes, abstract… anything done from the heart regardless of subject will look better than something forced to order – just go with the flow, your art is growing organically, and for me that’s just how it should be ❤

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    1. I agree but I feel I need to focus if I’m to eventually give some to both the Hospice where mum was and The British Heart foundation, then I will start selling them. X

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  3. Hi again Elaine..I think Ruth has a point. Everything I’ve seen of your work is sweet, joyous and appealing and maybe you could sell them NOW…or make postcards/greetings cards/notelets…or Christmas cards – this might give you an idea of the work people find most appealing, if nothing else. jx

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