5 months today

Five months ago today I had open heart surgery to remove a tumour which I didn’t even know was there, I knew I hadn’t felt well in myself for a couple of years which I put down to liver issues.

I am so grateful to God, The Universe, The Unknown that my life was saved and today just five months on I am feeling amazing.

We never know what is around the next bend in our lives but one thing for sure is that we should treasure every moment, remembering to live in the moment and be grateful for the good and the bad days.

Life is precious, please try to remember and enjoy yours.


  1. I don’t know if anyone has bothered to mention…you look SO MUCH YOUNGER since your surgery…and we are all blessed that you did so well!

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    1. Thanks Susan, I’m fatter and wearing makeup now, seriously though I do feel SO much better. How’s George does he look younger 😉


  2. Wise words indeed. 5 months? Wow, time seems to be zipping by this year. You’ve been through a heck of a lot, and we’re all grateful to have you here, happy & healthy. 🌹 xxxxxx

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