Butterfly visit.

I was sat talking to my husband John who is researching our family tree just how happy it would have made my mum to see a photograph of her grandmother . I have mum’s photograph in the lounge and often talk to her. I said “ you would have loved to see what John is bringing up in our family tree Mum” when a butterfly flew on to our patio door.

It sat there for ages even when I walked up close to take a photograph.❤️

This is the photograph of my great grandmother ❤️


  1. Really nice connection there, Elaine. I love looking into the past. I’m feeling there’s more to the butterfly’s arrival than mere coincidence. Fabulous! 🦋

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            1. I love Canada I did a fly drive holiday to Vancouver then went up into the Rocky Mountains and Vancouver Island. It was early Spring when I visited and we saw some snow. I bet it’s beautiful in the autumn 🍂


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