Welcome, a new addition to our family ❤️

I’ve been wanting a pet for a long time now but due to living in a second floor apartment it would be impossible to have a cat because they are only allowed on the ground floor where they can go in and out through their individual apartment windows.

But me being me I’ve broke the rules and bought myself a pet, surely they can’t object!

Meet Pricilla the pig
She’s so cute and she doesn’t seem to mind when I put my feet on her back either ❤️ I might get an elephant next 😉


        1. I got it from Amazon, obviously I would have liked a cat! But they have elephants and other animals. I could start a zoo, now there’s an idea!

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  1. Oink Oink! Elaine, you’ll be resting your trotters on a pig. There’s some weird irony there!
    Here’s very cute though, never seen such a funky foot stool before xx

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    1. I know ❤️ she’s from Amazon, they do all different animals £26 plus postage which is great for a footstool, I’m mean pig 🐷😉


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