Charlie’s speed dating 😺 1

Charlie had been working out nonstop at the gym and he had dropped 2 lbs and he looked amazing 😽 now he was ready to continue looking for a third wife. Charlie had decided to try his paw at speed dating. He was so excited .

He’d had a long conversation with Sidney in the meadow and between them they had compiled a long list of topics to talk about.

Charlie had a good feeling about speed dating, he was sure that there would be a the purrfect feline waiting just for him 😺 He had a bit of a nervous tummy which he didn’t know if it was down to the kippers he had for his tea or just nerves.

He said his goodbyes to Sidney who told him to enjoy himself and said that he would wait up for him to hear how it went.

The event was to be held in a nearby field, it was a ticket only event so Charlie hoped that there would be a good standard of kitties for him to chose from. It didn’t enter his head that any of them wouldn’t be attracted to him 🙀

He could hear the music before he reached the field and the loud meows , he was so excited.

Charlie sat on a wall and observed what was happening, there appeared to be a good turnout. He did a double take when he saw Ginger flirting with a much younger black Tom cat, he almost felt sorry for him, but not sorry enough to warn him just what Ginger was like.

Charlie began to ask himself what he was doing there! It wasn’t that bad being single, he could come and go as he liked and had nobody to answer to. BUT he missed snuggling up with a kitty watching Netflix 😻 So Charlie pulled up his big boy pants and made his way into the field.

But will he find what he’s looking for ?


  1. I do hope Charlie is not taking any cues from Charlie Sheen. He has such a bad reputation. I worry that he may not be the most wholesome or best role model for him. But then, I may be purring up the wrong tree altogether.

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