I’ve been for a walk!

After getting up this morning I decided enough was enough. It’s four and a half months ago tomorrow since I had my surgery and I’ve never felt better, the only problem is I now enjoy eating again and I’ve piled on sixteen pounds 😬

So after a hearty breakfast 🙄 ( I have to eat ) I set off to do a walk . We are very lucky where we live because nearby we have a river, a canal, a train station, the countryside and a small town with a large new Lidl supermarket. So basically we have everything on our doorstep.

I took some photographs with my phone to show you what is nearby.

Notice the stone walls Yorkshire is famous for its stone walls.

The allotments, we live in the apartment block shown at the top right hand corner, I usually take my photographs from there!

Loving the sunflowers 🌻

Then I came to the river which runs behind our apartment block.
It was a bit breezy here! 🙄
I walked along the back street following the river.
Heading towards the bridge.
Across from one bridge to another
To yet another bridge with a weir, now you can see why we sometimes have floods, lots of water around.

Once home I took a photograph from my window. Tomorrow weather permitting, or should that be body permitting I will take a walk up to the canal and take some more photographs from there. 😉

Now I’m ready for a nice cup of tea , 🤔 I wonder if there’s any cake left 🌝


  1. Wonderful you are feeling bright and well enough for walking .. And a lovely day to do so.. And lovely to SEE you Elaine and the allotment plots and your apartment block.. Thank you for taking us along on your walk today ❤ Really enjoyed it xx ❤

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        1. I think people here don’t have much space around their houses to grow enough hence community/allotments came into being. They are council owned and tenants pay a small fee for the privilege of having their own little piece of land.

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  2. You have much to enjoy. Thank you for sharing pictures of where you are. It’s wonderful to see as I picture you moseying along. You are looking healthy and happy and that’s the best thing in the world! Woot!

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    1. I was walking along thinking how lucky I am to be alive 😊 there’s nothing like a near death experience to make you appreciate life😉

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  3. A return of your appetite is a good thing, weight gain be damned. Enjoy that cake! Lovely area you have nearby too with plenty of openness and nature, and I really like the river. Don’t hold your breath for tomorrow though as Tuesday is forecast to be thunder storms & torrential rain. Maybe that’s just my corner of the UK but you may want to take a brolly 😂
    Caz xx

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