Charlie in the meadow part 2

Charlie decided to join a dating site and after swiping both left and right for 5 days he was left five possible love interests he decided to interview, sorry, have a date with them all.

Rather than have five individual dates Charlie thought he would save time and money and see them all on the same day!

So on one sunny day in the meadow whilst the sheep were grazing in the meadow Charlie lined up his dates. He had chosen a range of different possibilities, all very different from each other.

One thing Charlie was very surprised with was how some of the kitties looked different from their photographs 🙀 He actually thought that some of them had sent their mothers!! Perhaps they had used old photographs!!surely not, cats aren’t that dishonest are they 😳

He was not too keen on some of them that had far too much make up on and even wondered If a couple of them had undergone some sort of surgical procedures, surely cats aren’t born with trout like lips are they 😼

Charlie asked each kitty the same questions, which were….

Are you looking for a long term relationship

Have you got your own place

Have you got good prospects

Will you cater to my every need 😻

Eventually he was left with a short list of two, a cute little ginger puss and a slender grey feline. After a lot of deliberation Charlie decided to ask the cute ginger cat called Ginger 😏 if she would like to meet him for dinner so they could get to know each other more.

But will she yes? ………. to be continued.

The video of the painting…… you can see just how easy it is to digital paint 😉


  1. I’m guessing Charlie has been watching The Bachelor. Group dates are efficient I guess.But really, how well do you get to know someone in speed dating with other cats hanging around being all green eyed and bitchy. I hope Ginger is not a heartbreaker.

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