He’s back, Charlie’s back in the meadow!

Charlie’s back!

It’s been a long time but Charlie’s back home in the meadow, the first person (sheep) he saw was Sidney who looked much older… well he would do it was a long time since he had seen him ! 😬

Charlie immediately burst into tears and told Sidney that Cherish his new wife had tragically passed on after eating a dodgy sardine at their wedding reception. Charlie was bereft, even more so because he had nearly eaten one too. 🙀

Sidney burst into tears, hearing the sad news brought back his sad loss of loosing Cynthia his wife, not through eating a dodgy sardine but to another attack of bloat through eating too many flowers in the meadow. She obviously didn’t learn from her earlier experience. 🙄

What a sad pair they were, thank goodness they had found each other again. Sidney told Charlie that Leon his son ( sheep) was still working in the circus along with Kit Kat ( Charlie’s son) and Sasha Charlie’s ex wife who was now happily married to Samson and they were very happy together.

Charlie felt a pang of guilt remembering his wandering Tom cat ways which caused the break up of his first marriage. What was he to do, he was a cat with needs. He told Sidney that he was home to find a new wife…. after all it had been a week now since Cherish flew up to heaven!

Maybe he should try online dating 🤔🙈

To be continued ………….. For my new followers if you’re interested the first series of my cat and sheep stories can be found in my menu 😏

P.S. Before you say it Cheryl Charlie has lost weight grieving 🙄🤥

This is how I created it ……


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