Self digital portrait.

I’ve been watching a TV program in which artists have to do portraits of various people, it’s great to watch. I always want to paint a portrait afterwards and because I am familiar with my own face, obviously I have painted myself .🙄

I can see I’m getting there regarding portraits which is quite exciting

This was the photograph that I worked from, nearly there, hopefully better next time 😉


  1. you know Elaine i quite like it.. you are the most emotionally pure artist that I follow. Two years ago today I joined WordPress …and it has been an honour to follow you through all the up and downs. Thank-you.

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    1. Thanks Anthony your comments are always welcome, it’s only recently that I realised I do paint emotionally 😳 I enjoy your work too although I don’t always understand it 🤯 I see the beauty 😉

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    2. Really good point and I totally agree, she is so genuine in her paintings, putting in emotion that you can almost physically feel when you view them.
      Beautiful, Elaine! xx

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    1. Brilliant, I admire anyone who can do those, personally I can’t do them lol, it must be because I’m left handed …… nah it’s because I don’t have the patience for the little parts of the painting. Can’t wait to see it, is it of a porcupine by any chance 😉

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