Another day with the grandchildren!

We had a bit of drama yesterday morning when my granddaughter arrived because one of her teeth was loose and her gum was swollen! So she needed to visit the dentist!

One hour later! The offending tooth was out complete with the little silver cap that she had put on the tooth a year ago.!

That drama over both grandchildren decided to paint. My grandson was in artistic mode.whilst my granddaughter was in chill mode!

For a treat we took them to Starbucks in the afternoon

Now they’re on the plane, so excited because they’re going on holiday to Greece today with mum and dad.

Happy days lovely memories.


  1. Horrible dentists, but I’m glad it went smoothly for her. She’s braver than I am to be able to smile after seeing the dentist 😆 And a lovely treat at Starbucks. I hope they have an amazing time in Greece! xx

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  2. What a busy day! Glad her tooth is out and she is feeling better so she could enjoy her time with you and her holiday to Greece! What fun!

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