My painting journey.

It will come as no surprise when I say I love digital painting! When I first began painting I painted in the traditional way with mainly acrylic paints on canvas.

My first ever attempt painting was in oils and it was a fish! Impressive NOT! but I persevered .

With practice ( lots of practice ) and lots of encouragement from other bloggers I gradually improved and there was no stopping me. I have put all my acrylic paintings back on this site and can be found in the top menu.

Painting with acrylics and buying canvases is not cheap! and gradually I had over one hundred canvases

I had paintings in every room but the bathroom ! Finally I rang out of wall and apartment space so I was giving my paintings away to family members ( I never thought they were good enough to sell) Then I turned DIGITAL and it was like starting all over again. Practice, practice, practice. Now I love working with digital and would encourage anyone to have a go. It’s relaxing, too relaxing lol, I’m sat here at 12.05 and I’m not even dressed yet 🤭 but then again I am still in recovery 🤕❤️


    1. Isn’t that one on the last page in the category in my acrylics file? Or were you thinking of the purple background one. I didn’t keep them all. Some went to skip heaven 😇

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  1. Art is also therapeutic. When I was working, the hospital employed an art therapist. SOmetimes it is easier for people to express themselves in art of music than to vocalise. I also worked with a colleague who was an artist. Together we ran some wonderfully exciting and interesting art groups.

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