Five little angels

Five little angels stood round my bed

Sending loving messages into my head

Four little angels said we’ve come to say goodbye

I looked up at them with a tear in my eye

Three little angels wiped away my tears

Telling me I no longer had anything to fear

Two little angels gave me a hug

Before starting to float high above

One little angel said Elaine you’ve been blessed

Now it’s your turn to share the love, do your best.


I have written over 100 five little angels poems and they even played a part in my mum’s funeral service 😇

Now I feel that it’s time to let them go, I feel quite emotional writing these words I’ve not had the easiest of times over the last three years with various health issues which I now know were probably caused with the Myxoma but that’s in the past now.

Now it’s onwards and upwards. ❤️

4 thoughts on “Five little angels

  1. This is beautiful. If it feels right, then say night night to the angels. They’ll always be part of your history, and now you’re looking to the future, with the angels behind you looking out for you as you go 😉


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