I need to be comfortable

I’m all but pain free now after my operation the only pain I’m left with is at the top section of my chest. It’s not bad during the day but at night when I lie down in bed it hurts, even the duvet hurts. So in my wisdom I decided to buy one of these!

What is it you may ask? Well it a strapless bra top. This was my conversation with John last night.

Me: I am in so much pain I’ve bought this from Amazon

John: looking puzzled, What is it?

Me: It’s a top without straps so it should be comfortable to sleep in and keep me cool.

John: Eyebrows twitching, I hope it stretches, how will you get it on?

Me: it can go over my head but I will probably pull it up from my feet

John: hmm it must be stretchy then 😏

I let that comment go and went to get ready for bed.

Me: look at this I think it’s going to solve the problem and keep me comfortable and cool

John: Good!

Turning the light off we settled down to sleep.

Me: puffing and panting, John I think this might be a bit tight, I can hardly breathe

John switching on the light, I thought it might be, what are you going to do.

Me: please will you get some scissors ✂️ and just snip the top in the middle

John: WHAT! You want me to cut it?

Me: Yes please, if you don’t mind.

John bless him put the light on and got out of bed, then got the scissors and cut a tiny bit at the top

Me: more than that

John: okay, I don’t know why your having me do this! Why didn’t you get a bigger size!

Me: 😤 because they have to be tight to stay up!

John: Okay, is that alright?

Me: Yes but maybe you need to do the same at the bottom because it’s digging into me

John : Is that okay now?

Me: Yes thanks

He got back in to bed and turned off the bedside lamp, I tried to settle down, honestly I did. But!

Me: John

John: WHAT!

Me: it’s still too tight John, I think it needs cutting at the back too

The light switched back on and he got the scissors out again

Me: The top and the bottom, try to make it even with the front.

John: For goodness sake , why don’t you just take it off

Me: No I’ve just bought it, I’ve got to get my monies worth out of it.

John well it’s going to be fit for nothing with all the cuts in it.

Me: Just shut the light off I’m very tired

All was peaceful I could breathe but it wasn’t perfect………..

Me: John, this is the last time I promise

John: WHAT!

Me: I think you need to do the sides and then it will be perfect

John: switching the light back on and shaking his head said, “why I doing this I don’t know 🤷‍♂️

Me: I’ve had heart surgery I can’t turn round and cut the back!

John: hmm and don’t I know it 🙄 He cut it again, not as carefully this time 😟

Me: That’s so much better now, thank you

John: Good, Are you sorted now?

Me: Yes thanks

John: turning the light off said it’s hardly worthwhile wearing the damn thing. 😤Goodnight

Me: Goodnight, God bless x ………. John…… I might just put my nighty on

John: Silence.



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