Hospital Visit

I’ve been for my six week after operation appointment today ❤️ and I’m happy to say that the consultant was very happy 😃 both the ECG and the X-ray looked good and he told me that the tumour was benign. He also said stop taking the heart tablets and the water tablets 🐴

I asked him why feel as if my heart bounces and he explained that our hearts are surrounded with fluid and then a layer of fat.

When they perform open heart surgery they have to cut through the fat and the fluid drains which in turn leaves scar tissue which is hard so my heart is no longer cushioned. That Is the reason why I feel everything 🙄 Hopefully I will get used to that.

There is no signs of permanent heart failure either 👍 I have to go back in six months for another echocardiogram to to check that nothing is growing again then I will be discharged.

I know just how lucky I have been and I appreciate all your kind wishes, prayers and encouragement. Thank you.

Elaine xx


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