Awake in the night.

It’s been a while since I wrote awake in the night post not that I’ve been asleep but this is more that I’ve actually wanted to get up and write about being awake in the night!

I’m another week on with my recovery and the only discomfort I feel now is a horrible pricking sensation across the top of my chest which I’m told is my ribs knitting back together 😬 it was seven weeks last Tuesday since my surgery and even I can see how much better I look than I did prior to the operation.

My eyes are brighter and my complexion is a different colour and if it wasn’t for the zip scar and extreme tiredness which is only rectified by having a sleep I don’t think people would know that I’m not a hundred percent.

I have been having a walk around the apartment building a lot more and I’ve seen neighbours who I haven’t seen for a while. Most of them know I’ve been in hospital, news spreads like wildfire in a small apartment building!

One lady who I hadn’t seen since Christmas told me that I looked so much brighter than I had when she saw me last! Nobody knew that my mum had passed on Christmas Eve because who wants to hear news like that when its Christmas and they’re enjoying the festivities 🥳

I was supposed to have my hair cut last Tuesday but my hairdresser was ill so I’m having it cut on Monday. My youngest daughter is coming on Sunday to put me some blonde highlights in which should make me look even brighter 😃 She went for a sonogram yesterday and got the all clear, no Myxoma 😁 but she will have to be monitored every fire years because it can be hereditary.

My eldest daughter goes next Tuesday for hers so hopefully she will get the all clear too. She lives about an hour away from me and came over on Thursday to see me, we sat outside in the sunshine and had a good chat, I got a bit emotional 😭 which I seem to do more now lol, which I put down to the recent surgery and shock of it all.

I went to see my doctor yesterday for the first time and like me she was amazed that I even had a heart tumour because I showed no signs of being breathless or chest pain previously. She said she had only come across two cases in her career and never on the right hand side. She asked me if I had been given a prognosis of any long term damage to my heart because of the size of the tumour which is something that is worrying me slightly after being told in hospital that I now have heart failure. 🙄

I see the surgeon next Wednesday so no doubt he will answer all my questions. I have to be there for 9.15am to have an X-ray and ECG before I see him at 9.45am so we are going to go very early to try to avoid the rush hour traffic and have our breakfast at the hospital which has a 24 hour Costa Coffee restaurant ☺️

Well it’s 5.25am now and I need to go back to bed, my sister is visiting me later this morning and I want to be alert!

Even writing a post is quite difficult at the moment because I think I left a bit of my concentration at the hospital! So apologies if this post has rambled on!

Anyway I hope you all have a great weekend, keep smiling

Elaine x


  1. Sorry you are not sleeping but the post is great news, for your daughter and I’m sure your other daughters results will be the same. Glad you are getting out, but be careful. Can’t wait to see the new do!❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Aw, Elaine such progress and lovely to read your post. As you can see I haven’t yet wrote my temporary swansong but have come to the library for some time out to check my e mails and try to do just that.
    Take care and thank you for visiting my site and all your support.
    Will be back when ready. Sorry, no heart icon on here 🙂 x

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  3. It must be annoying hearing the sound of knitting needles while your ribs are getting knitted back together 😂
    Let’s hope you get a better night’s sleep tonight & tomorrow so you’re a little more rested for Wednesday xxxxx

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  4. I hope those knitting needles are clacking a bit more smoothly by now.Having read backwards over the last couple of weeks and coming to this earlier update, it struck me how much better you are. Sometimes we fail to see that ourselves – because of the navel gazing, you know 🤣🤣

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