1. Aw Elaine,
    Really love it and has brightened my day. Can I please draw it in my journal? Seems to say it all for me at present as recently ‘stuck’ for various reasons & journalling gone by the wayside. Currently revisiting last year.
    I really hope you are pain free & life is not too hard at present as you have come through such a lot ❤️💐👣

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    1. Of course you can draw it in your journal 📔 my sister bought me a five year journey for Christmas and I wrote it in every night in January 😳 it became so depressing writing about mum’s funeral then every night how I had not been feeling well. Obviously when I went in to hospital on the 2 May until the 23 May there were no entries. I’ve kept picking it but find it too depressing to do! Maybe next year 😊

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        1. I can’t see your site anymore because you have made it a private . If you want to email me anytime on my private email address which is elainesblog57@gmail.com please feel free and if you would like any of my paintings I can email them over for you 😊 xxx


  2. I had a similar clarity issue Elaine, usually happened after I transferred an image from a painting app into my photo gallery and or upload to WordPress. Haven’t had it happen in a long time, never could figure it out. I’ve stopped using some apps maybe it was one of those.

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