Follow up from blood tests

It’s just typical! The story of my life really, the hospital wanted me to have follow up blood tests to make sure my kidneys and other bits and bobs were functioning properly and what happens! I get this letter……

Dear Elaine,

Please contact the surgery and book an appointment to see the nurse regarding your recent cholesterol blood results.

Many thanks

Yours sincerely

If you remember the nurse tricked me into having my cholesterol and blood sugars done at the same time 😤 I looked on my online medical site and noted that the tests the hospital had requested had the comments abnormal but expected at the side of them 🤔 hmm so why have them done then!

I think my cholesterol is higher because before I went in hospital I was hardly eating anything and post surgery I ate very little until they threatened me with a tube 😳 then I managed to eat a little ☺️

On the way home from the hospital a miracle happened, my appetite came rushing back, my requests to stop at Mc Donald’s, Pizza Hut and the local Chinese were all rebuffed by John and Louise. They thought I was joking 🙃 but trust me I was deadly serious.

Since been home I took the advice of the hospital, “eat anything you fancy “they told me so I have 😁 in great quantities too. My body was telling me to, so I could get stronger, I needed the fuel ⛽️

So now reality has hit home and I need to reign in my shire horse 🐴 munching and reduce the butter, cheese, pies, cakes 🧁 and eat sensibly .

There is no way I’m going to go and sit listening to a nurse for a seven minute appointment tell me what I need to eat. I’ve got google to tell me that. I’m seeing my own doctor in a few weeks, that’s soon enough!

I’m sleeping better now and apart from feeling like I’m wearing a steel plated vest and feeling tired suddenly I don’t feel too bad.

I’ve got a donut 🍩 coming today NOT the sweet variety obviously 🙄 this one is to sit on to make me more comfortable 😄

Have a great day whatever you’re doing.

Elaine x


  1. My cholesterol is always a little high but I think it is genetic. Mother was high too but never weighed more than 115 pounds. On the other hand I just returned from the Italian bakery. Spent $35. Cannolis (large), chocolate eclairs and lemon bars. Large Italian coffee, no cream , no sugar – the Italian way of course.

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  2. My database has been going bonkers for weeks and I can only get online when it allows. My son is going to fix it on his days off so I’m behind in a little. SOSOSOSOSO glad your feeling better, this is a BONUS city! Not that we weren’t expecting it, but hey! It’s still great to hear! xoxo

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  3. Oh Lord. I’m glad You’re getting better! I’ve missed Your journey as I’m slow as Christmas in blogland but it’s wonderful to see You’ve kept Your sense of humor and it IS a bit wacky that she did the test that way. Wishing You good rest and a quality of ease in Your recovery!!! 🙂 Don’t eat Your sitting donut no matter what Your imagination tells You it looks like!!! 🤣

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