After darkness always comes light.

Last night was the best night sleep I’ve had for weeks and that’s because I allowed John to share my nest 😊 he had been sleeping on on a blow up bed in the next room for fear of disturbing me in the night! The only problem was all the all the moaning that came from him every morning after, I honestly thought at one point it was him that had the surgery not me because he was obviously in so much pain 😉

Today my daughter has invited us for lunch with the instructions that we can eat and leave if we like. It suddenly occurred to me this morning that she doesn’t have a downstairs loo anymore because it’s in the process of being converted into a shower, utility and toilet.

This was our conversation this morning.

Me. Hello Louise

Louise: hello mum how are you feeling

Me: I feel good I slept really well last night

Louise: That’s good, so your coming for lunch at 12.30

Me: Yes, but I’ve remembered that you have no downstairs loo and there is no way I can climb your stairs

Louise: I thought that this morning, so what will you do?

Me: I bought a bed pan when your grandma was ill, I will take that into the utility room

Louise: But it’s completely empty, how will you manage?

Me: I will manage somehow!

Louise: I thought you might be able to wait until you get home.

Me: What! I’m on a water tablet, when I need to go I need to go, There’s no carpet in the utility room is there

Louise: No, it’s completely empty, why?

Me: Good, I’m like a shire horse now, once I start there’s no stopping me.

Louise: OMG 😲 are you sure you can’t hold it until you get home.

We had a laugh, well she did, I still can’t laugh properly ☺️ I’m restricting my water intake this morning just to see if that helps.

Excuse me while I canter off to the loo, have a great day

Elaine x


  1. I love your honesty here, and I miss the reports of your conversations with your mom and John.  Wonderful to read you are on the mend, getting back to your self. Love, hugs!

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    1. Lol, I thought about you when I wrote this one, maybe Johns eyebrows will make an appearance soon lol, we are both just a little bit tired at the moment. People always feel sorry for someone that’s had an operation but it takes its toll on everyone else around. X


  2. “Like a shire horse”? 😂 I can’t hold it for longer than an hour so there’s no chance with water tablets! Louise must have an iron bladder if she thinks that’s possible! xx

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