Trip to the doctors

The nurse was very sympathetic to the fact that I had recently had open heart surgery but still decided that she would check my cholesterol and blood sugar levels while I was there 😡

I was sat clutching my cushion to my chest for fear of coughing, sneezing and other things which ladies like me obviously never do 🥴

We finally got out and on the way home passed mums house which had me in floods of tears, I really miss my mum, it’s times like this when she would have given me a talking to telling me to get on with it and stop moaning, mum was never the sympathetic type 😇

We finally got home and I was extremely tired I had some pain relief which was probably something I should have done before we went to the surgery. 😉

Onwards and upwards, a day nearer feeling human again and a day nearer painting but one things for sure It’s good to be alive.

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you’re doing.

Elaine x

11 Comments on “Trip to the doctors

  1. Sorry to hear you are still in pain Elaine and that your journey to the Dr’s also turned out such an emotional one..
    You are feeling tired and weak right now, so your emotions will be all over the place, so not surprising to read passing your mums old house upset you..
    Sending LOVE and Well wishes upon your continued recovery ❤

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  2. What things ladies never do?  Hmmm, will have to give that a think….glad you are on your way to recovering completely.  You will be “up and  at em” soon.  Hugs❤️

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  3. Good to see you here, Elaine, even if it is to moan and groan 🤣🤣 Better out than in, I say! But hey, you are out and about. YAY !!!!

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