Slept in a perfect nest!

I took the great advice of making a nest in my bed and guess what ! I had the best nights sleep for weeks. 😀

I’ve woke up like a new woman and went out for my first proper walk to the car I even saw one of my neighbours who didn’t even know I’ve been in hospital so I can’t look that bad 😳 I had a little sleep 😴 after the exercise because I needed it and now I’m looking forward to my lunch.

Remembering to take it a day at a time and yesterday’s Pity party is over, onwards and upwards 😉


    1. Susans George sent me a message and also some members in the British Heart Foundation said if you pile pillows up and then place some to the left and right they act as a nest which help the healing of broken ribs,I had spent two nights on the settee because I couldn’t get comfortable in my bed. Now I can ❤️


  1. I wake up like a new woman too… a grumpier, uglier one! 😂
    Seriously though, this is sounding so, so good, Elaine. Bit by bit, don’t over do things, but you’re getting on brilliantly which is wonderful to hear  ♥

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