3 weeks and one day

It has now been three weeks and one day since my heart surgery and now I’m definitely feeling the pain

My rib cage is obviously knitting back together and the slightest burp, sneeze or cough is agony. I think I would feel better if I could sleep but for some reason every time I fall asleep laid down I feel like I’m being kicked which instantly wakes me up

I’m walking around more everyday and yesterday I ventured outside our apartment for a short walk which was exhausting. As usual I expect far too much too soon !

I’ve been sat on the settee and on my office chair like a nodding dog because I can’t keep my eyes open during the day. No doubt I won’t be able to shut them in the night 😬

All in all I’m a bit miserable ☹️ I’ve joined the. British Heart Foundation website but very few people know anything about Myxoma’s because they are so rare. Having said that I have had some encouraging replies, apparently ribs only take six to eight weeks to heal! I can’t wait 😊


  1. It’s good to listen to your body and find a balance of rest and movement and it will take a bit of time and a lot of being kind to yourself 💜 I’m sure your angels will look after you and guide you to a comfortable position for sleeping. You might want to check out the way people prop themselves up with bolsters, pillows and blankets in semi-reclined positions for restorative yoga. Wishing you well and sending healing thoughts 🙂💖 xxx

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  2. George, who underwent open heart in December said, “Tell Rose that it takes about three weeks for the nerve endings that were cut to reattach and the pain becomes significant;y worse…for about four days. Then the bones knitting will hurt like the blazes when she sneezes, coughs or even laughs too hard. That lasts about two weeks. Then, she will just be sore..it’s annoying but not pain-filled. After that she should be okay. Not totally up to speed..that takes a good six to nine months.”
    Hope you are doing better soon. By the way, sleeping on a slope works better while you are mending…..so get a couple of extra pillows and make yourself a ramp in the bed.

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  3. I do hope you feel better soon. The pain and not being to do whatever you please must be frustrating. I am sure with time you will fully heal, so don’t give up hope. 🙂 sending love to you! ❤️

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  4. Did they give you a pillow to hold against your chest when you cough or sneeze. My husband had one for after open heart surgery. You will get there – no harm in complaining…you earned it.

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  5. Just remember, the tumour is out now and there is heaps of support out there for heart disease especially post op. Many people have had open heart surgery so joining the BHF will connect you with many others who have had similar experiences during there recovery, just make sure you don’t make the mistake I continue to make and compare others to yourself because we are all different and all recover differently. YOU are so brave going through such a major heart surgery but it is normal to experience how you are feeling. What address can I send one of my AllheART Get Well soon cards to?

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      1. You are lucky there is heaps of support out there post open heart surgery and cardiac rehab programs with other people who have been through similar procedures to gradually get back up to a tolerable level. Unfortunately for my condition I wasn’t offered this but post op in hospital they usually they. Just remember it will take time.

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